2013 Freedom Index


About the Idaho Freedom Index 

In 2012, the Idaho Freedom Foundation launched its Idaho Freedom Index, a daily review of legislation impacting economic freedom in the state. For the first time, lawmakers could get an independent, free market view of legislation pending before the Legislature. Moreover, voters could see whether their legislators were voting for free markets or for bigger government. 

For 2013, we have upgraded the Freedom Index platform for easier navigation and comparison between individual legislators, districts or categories of legislation. 

In short, the Index provides an excellent analyses of bills that will come before committees or a vote on the floor as well as tracking a legislator’s Freedom Index score. The public will find our Freedom Index to be a tool to hold elected officials accountable for their vote and to gain a better understanding of legislation.  Here is the 2013 Freedom Index rating criteria for each bill in the index.

Note:  Nothing on these pages should be construed as supporting or opposing any legislation or legislator. The information presented here is for educational, accountability and transparency purposes only.

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